Cdot Honcho Feat. Lil Durk – OTW New Rap

 OTW New Rap

OTW | When keeping an eye on the talent emerging from out of Chicago, Cdot Honcho is one of the newer voices to center your focus on, and now the energetic emcee has teamed up with the more established Lil Durk for a collab of epic proportions as they serve up their “OTW” track.

A banger in every sense of the word, there’s no lack of animation on the new cut as the two Midwest spitters trade bars unrelentingly. Here, you’ll find Durk on the hook delivering on a catchy refrain as he lets out, “Tryna catch me lackin’ boy, it ain’t no way / Boy you aint no killa you just in the way,” before Cdot Honcho pops out with a few warning shots of his own.

OTW  Lyrics:

We cannot kick it, it’s deflated
They on y’all shit like y’all related
It’s a full house, we gon’ vacate it
Skrt off. 12 tryna locate it.

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