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Genius first started as a crowdsourced hip-hop focused site, and was originally named Rap Exegesis. The site changed its name in December 2009 to Rap Genius because “exegesis” was difficult for users to spell.[7][8] It was created in August 2009 by founders Tom Lehman (who “entered the first line of code” for the website on August 19, 2009),[9] Ilan Zechory, and Mahbod Moghadam, the three of whom met during their undergraduate years at Yale University.[1][10][2] Lehman and Moghadam came up with the idea for the site in the summer of 2009 when Lehman asked Moghadam about the meaning of a Cam’ron lyric.[1][7] After Lehman built the earliest version of the site, he—along with cofounders Moghadam and Zechory—decided to leave their jobs at D.E. Shaw and Google to pursue the idea full-time and bring it to fruition.[11]

Lyrics can be studied from an academic perspective Genius Lyrics. For example, some lyrics can be considered a form of social commentary. Lyrics often contain political, social, and economic themes—as well as aesthetic elements—and so can communicate culturally significant messages. These messages can be explicit, or implied through metaphor or symbolism. Lyrics can also be analyzed Genius Lyrics with respect to the sense of unity (or lack of unity) it has with its supporting music. Analysis based on tonality and contrast are particular examples. Former Oxford Professor of Poetry Christopher Ricks famously published Dylan’s Visions of Sin, an in-depth and characteristically Ricksian analysis of the lyrics of Bob Dylan; Ricks gives the caveat that to have studied the poetry of the lyrics in tandem with the music would have made for a much more complicated critical feat.

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Lyric” derives via Latin lyricus from the Greek λυρικός (lyrikós). the adjectival form of lyre. It first appeared in English