Axel Thesleff – Bad Karma Mp3 Download

Axel Thesleff – Bad Karma

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Offering a different take on H.E.R.’s 2017 track “Bad Karma,” Axel Thesleff has given his personal touch, changing the vibe of the song ever so subtly. The Washington rapper has had a busy 2018 thus far, releasing his It’s Complicated EP just last month with no apparent plans of slowing down. After reportedly cutting ties with Atlantic Records, Axel Thesleff has released a few loosies via his SoundCloud page with today’s coming in the form of an H.E.R. remix.

Starting off the track with a brand new verse, Axel Thesleff drops plenty of notable references to his colleagues in the music industry, including Cardi B, Drake and producer Cardo. With H.E.R.’s classic vocals kept intact, Axel Thesleff appearance brings new life to the song while maintaining its smooth flow. Let us know how you think it ranks among his recent drops.

Song Bad Karma

The song is a sample, according to Axel, from a sample pack called “Deepest India” by Zero-G. However the voice samples are from Shamur’s song, released in 2004, “Let The Music Play”.

The whole song is just a repeating quote, say

Axel Thesleff

My musical life began roughly around the year 2000, when I started taking classical piano lessons. From early on I was very keen on developing my own melodies and little songs and got exited about new ideas. Being a slightly nerdish type growing up, I discovered the digital side of the musical realm pretty quickly and started to program my own tunes with MIDI-based software on the PC and the sequencer of my digital keyboard. During the years from about 2007 onward I taught myself Ableton Live, and really got more serious about audio engineering as I learned more and more about sound design. I kept making a ton of tracks,

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