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Before telling you about the possibilities and advantages of MP3GOO, let us take you a few decades back in history to learn how the MP3 format came to live and what does this abbreviation actually stand for.

In 1987 a German electronics professor researched ways to develop a low bit-rate high quality sound encoding technology. Later it was named MPEG-1 Audio Layer III – with the abbreviation – MP3. The codec reduced the size of a CD file, making it 12 times smaller without changing its sound attributes.

Shortly after becoming publicly available, this codec, became the most popular audio file format of the ’90. The second part of this decade gave birth to MP3 players replacing the earlier popular CD Players. You may also say that such song sharing platforms like Napster and such technology innovation like the iPod would have never existed if it wasn’t for the MPEG-1 Audio Layer III.

The musical revolution continued over the 2000’, nothing better having appeared in the meantime. Controversially, MP3 opened the door to the development of piracy in the musical industry (allowing free download of licensed products), yet it was also MP3 to start and develop paid music platforms.

This way, it became and still is, the most used music file format among Internet listeners due to its small size, quick download and high quality sound.

This led to the numerous amount of online download websites currently running. Although there are thousands of such, nowadays, only few raise to your expectations and offer you quality and speed. And this is how, after taking a walk down the memory lane, we finally reach our destination topic which is – MP3GOO.

MP3 GOO – Download

MP3GOO is a song search engine that combines qualities enumerated above. It is a website where you can listen to and download music in just a few clicks. Here are some things to point out, that describe our easy-to-use platform:

  • MP3GOO gives you the freedom to look for the desired track without having to register first. This is important, since a great percent of sites require registration and email address, resulting in your inbox full of promotional emails you don’t need
  • Another advantage of the MP3GOO search platform is that it offers information on the desired artist and song. Every search results in a full post describing the track, the artist performing it and a link to download it.
  • MP3GOO is mobile friendly making it easy to find and download tracks on any device.
  • You’ll have the possibility to give feedback on the result the website gave or discuss your musical taste with other users.
  • All the latest and up-to-date songs and artists are featured and added on a daily basis on MP3GOO.
  • Another great thing about this trending site is that besides the possibility to download music files, you may also convert MP4 files into MP3. MP4 is a video codec, which means you get to extract the sound from your video and turn it into MP3. To do that, you merely have to submit the link to the video file that you want to be converted.
  • Speed is also an essential feature of MP3GOO. Unlike many other music sources – this one offers ten times faster conversion and download possibilities.

  • To start your “audio journey” with us use the search box to type in your query. The website offers great navigation, listening and downloading possibilities.

    There are more advantages to discover once you start using MP3GOO. We hope you enjoy your experience with us!

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